Sunday, July 8, 2012

I warned you!

Well, I did warn you. I said in my first post of 2013 that I am a self proclaimed underachiever ( aka lazy). I also said I would try to post monthly and my last post was February ( why did I write that?). Obviously, I have missed the mark with the once a month thing but if you will forgive me, I will try to update you on the last four(yikes)months. We all finished our first year at Westlake Christian Academy, to God be the glory! Jack graduated from kindergarten and Cody turned four. We are celebrating one year at Gages Lake Bible Church. One year of love, blessings, tears, hope, changes, struggles, and unspeakable peace and joy. Oh yes, and one more thing, waiting. This last one has taken me by surprise. I thought that after taking over a year to figure out if God wanted us to move here, our waiting would be over. Well a year later I am waiting and God is chuckling. Not I a cruel chuckle, but more of "There's my daughter. Running around trying to arrange her own life. Crazy girl, but I love her anyway." kind of chuckle. I know I am rambling so I will try to get the point. We still have not found a place of our own...waiting. We do know that jay has a full time teaching position in the fall. Answers for my moms major health issues...waiting. God provided the perfect summer job for jay. Direction for some personal family choices this next year...waiting. God has specifically answered prayers for our church and is pouring a sweet ointment over our people. Back in February when I wrote my last post, we were still waiting on all of these things. In four months God has worked in three of these five situations. Just typing that I am getting blessed all over again! By the way, when you look back on it, the blessing IS the waiting. That is when we learn to lean and hopefully trust. It was while David was waiting to become king that he grew fom "Shepard boy" to "a man after Gods own heart". Hannah waited for a baby and God gave her one of Israel's greatest spiritual leaders. The disciples waited three years for a political king and God gave them a Saviour to take away the sins of the world. Waiting is sometimes a frustrating thing. Waiting is sometimes a depressing thing. Waiting, however, is never a bad thing, not when we are waiting on the Lord. Jeremiah 29:11 says, " I know the thoughts that I think towards you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you and a future and a hope.". I can continue to wait on these other areas in my life because I am not waiting on luck or some haphazard thing in the universe to go my way. I am waiting on God Almighty's divine plan. When I think about how some of His other plans have turned out (creating the universe, redeeming mankind)I'm like, oh yeah, I think he can manage to get our family moved into a house. :) One more thing, his plans always bring peace, always. So there it is, my life, my thoughts. If you are still reading, thanks for hanging in there while I aired out my brain. It was good for the soul! I apologize for not getting pictures on here. I am posting this from my iPad and have no idea how to do that yet. Blessings! P.S. on a random lighthearted note, does anyone else take great joy in scooping huge spoonfuls of their child's Mac and cheese into your mouth when they are not looking? Anyone? Anyone at all? No? Well in that case I was definately not doing that the entire time I was writing this post. :) Goodnight all!


  1. Cheyenne, you are a mess. I enjoyed your post and I am glad you wrote now because I was turning sorta blue. I love to hear how the Lord is blessing you guys there. It thrills me to see so much growth in you two. I miss you here and wish we had been closer but I also would not want you back here out of God's will. We love you lots and will see you soon. And, yes I have seen mom's put huge spoonfuls of mac and cheese in their mouths when the kids are not looking. Enjoy those bites.

  2. Thanks Cheyenne, I really needed this post. It is great to be reminded to wait sometimes even when it isn't the easiest thing to do. We love you all and pray for you regularly. I love looking back through time and being reminded of how many times an Almighty God came through, when we didn't think He would or tired to figure it out on our own. Thanks again...Love you!